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We advise on all aspects of Panamanian labor legislation and are specialists in the elaboration of all types of labor contracts, whether for national workers or international personnel assigned to Panama, in addition to their contracts and internal regulations of the companies. We also take care of obtaining the endorsement and/or approval of employment contracts, addenda and regulations before the Ministerio de Trabajo y Desarrollo Laboral (Ministry of Labor).
We provide labor advice and assistance in accordance with the needs of our clients (i) representing them in labor conciliations and/or lawsuits before the corresponding labor authorities and/or before labor courts, (ii) through the drafting and presentation of applications, demands and the corresponding legal remedies, and (iii) providing preventive advice to avoid unnecessary expenses and/or possible occupational hazards, including assistance in disciplinary and/or dismissal procedures, signing of mutual agreements, communications with workers, judicial transactions and extrajudicial, among others.

The act of terminating an employment relationship or of applying disciplinary measures can generate high costs, which can be prevented or reduced considerably.

Our labor law attorneys in Panama advise our clients, to minimize the costs and risks that a dismissal or disciplinary action could represent.

Before making an important labor decision, it is recommended that the existing risks be carefully analyzed and in compliance with the legal requirements established in the Labor Code. In SUCRE | ARIAS | REYES we are experts in labor matters and we are available to our clients.

Our labor law attorneys in Panama are ready to represent and ensure the rights of our clients.