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Regarding intellectual property, we advise on the acquisition, protection, monitoring and marketing of author and industrial property.

Our legal services include the evaluation and negotiation of the rights derived from intellectual property.

Intellectual property lawyers in Panama and copyrights 

We represent national and foreign clients in the registration of their industrial property rights, including the search of trademark background, the registration of brands of products and services, logos, trade names, expressions or signs of propaganda, patents and inventions, utility models, industrial models and drawings and plant varieties before the Dirección General del Registro de la Propiedad Industrial de Panamá (General Directorate of the Registry of Industrial Property of Panama).

In terms of copyright, we advise on the protection of moral and economic rights that the law confers to authors, for the creation of a work, whether literary, artistic, musical compositions or choreography, plastic and photographic, scenic and cinematographic, scientific, software and derivative rights, published or unpublished. We advise on the process of obtaining domain names, registration and enforcement of copyright and technology transfer.

We also provide legal services in cases of intellectual copyright infringement, which includes investigation of acts of piracy, adulteration and falsification of industrial property rights, and in the defense of their rights before specialized courts of justice in this matter.

Furthermore, we offer legal advice in the drafting, review and negotiation of transfer agreements, use and/or licensing of intellectual property rights, trademark coexistence contracts, transfers and licenses, confidentiality agreements for information protection, trade and industrial secrets and of franchises.

We coordinate the registration and protection of intellectual property badges for our clients throughout the region to facilitate the intermediation process through a reliable network of correspondent offices, with high service standards.

Consult our intellectual property lawyers in Panama for the best way to protect your initiatives and ideas.