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In SUCRE | ARIAS | REYES we provide broad representation in matters related to estate planning and estate management. We adapt our services to meet individual needs, integrating during the process legal and tax advisors from the jurisdictions where clients have their citizenship and tax residences and their own assets.

Efficient heritage plan

Efficient equity planning improves the corporate and family structure.
Our lawyers are recognized for their reliable work and advise national and foreign clients in all legal matters to define a plan for the integral management of the heritage that allows it to be preserved in the long term and to preserve the family unit. We consider the needs of customers and all areas that could affect their assets and their families.

Our estate planning lawyers in Panama have experience in providing assistance in the preparation of all types of wills, living wills, health care agents, family protocols, establishment of Panamanian private interest foundations and trusts, whether revocable or irrevocable, as well as corporate advice for family businesses.

Planning for the future

Our goal is to become your trusted partner and create a lifelong relationship so that, no matter what happens, your family knows where to go and you know that your family will be taken care of.

Estate planning is the best way to express your wishes about what you want to do after your death and give clear instructions if you are in a disability situation.

Nowadays everybody needs a wealth plan. It reduces family tension and allows you to decide on the future, not only of your assets, but of the most important, of your loved ones, especially when there are underage children or people with disabilities.

Decide on the future of your assets and loved ones with the advice of our estate planning lawyers in Panama.