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In SUCRE | ARIAS | REYES we know that Real Estate in Panama requires dynamism and creativity that allows clients to move with the agility demanded by this sector of high growth and multi-faceted transactions. In addition to this, this area needs a synergy with other legal branches such as corporate and financial to offer comprehensive real estate structuring solutions, whether the actors are acquirers, tenants or rights holders.

We have vast experience and knowledge in real estate transactions of all kinds, from leases, purchase and donation contracts to the structuring of trusts, mortgage guarantees, usufructs and segregations. Our mission is to advise our clients on the legal figure that is most convenient, protecting their interests and minimizing the risks that usually involve a significant degree of investment in their assets.

In the same way, we support business clients in the development of their real estate projects, from the negotiation of the promise of sale of land, with the establishment of its structure for the commercialization of the property, up to the incorporation of horizontal property. Our team of multidisciplinary experts is at your disposal for the successful completion of your project, whether commercial, residence, tourist or mixed.

Our real estate attorneys in Panama give you complete advice on your real estate transactions.