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Anguilla is located in the northeastern part of the Caribbean, with a population of 15,000 inhabitants, predominantly Afro-Caribbean. It is a stable, democratic British territory. The legal system is based on the order of the Anguilla Constitution of 1982, which has a declaration of rights created by an order of the Private Council of the British Monarch. The United Kingdom maintains responsibility for its defense and foreign affairs. In the financial services sector of the world, Anguilla has established itself as a modern and well-regulated jurisdiction.

Important aspects

International business corporation (IBC) of Anguilla are incorporated in accordance with the 1994 Ordinance. Since 1998, ACORN, Anguilla's Commercial Online Registration Network was created to allow the electronic incorporation of companies by duly approved registered agents. Among the necessary requirements for the incorporation of IBCs are the name of the company and incorporator, the office and the registered agent, as well as essential details regarding the nature of the company's business.

To deposit considerable sums of money in the banks of the island, an explanation is required on the origin of the funds.

Because there is no exchange control in Anguilla, it is not necessary to obtain approval for the transfer of foreign exchange, dividends, interest, commissions, royalties or other benefits or for the repatriation of capital. Companies can repatriate all benefits, dividends and administrative charges without any limits.

Anguilla has no direct taxation in the form of income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax and is not part of double taxation treaties.

Our expert lawyers in public limited companies in Panama in Anguilla advise you on the protection of your investments.