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  Recently, through Law No. 129 of March 17, 2020, enacted on March 20, 2020, (the “Law”) the private and single system of register of Final Beneficiaries of legal entities constituted or registered under the laws of the Republic of Panama (the "Single System") is created, which will be safeguarded and administered by the Superintendence of Non-Financial Subjects (the "Superintendence") to guarantee the confidentiality of the information on the identity of the Final Beneficiaries of existing legal entities in the Republic of Panama. Before the entry into force of the Law, there was already an obligation on the part of the Resident

Dear customers and friends: As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, our law firm has issued a statement to our entire team, adopting health and labor measures for the protection of our clients and co-workers. Our firm has closely followed the recommendations and guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Panama, as well as those issued by the World Health Organization which, aside from recommendations on personal hygiene and the sanitization of work areas, has advised the practice of social distancing in order to avoid contagion and the proliferation of the virus. In order to comply with the aforementioned recommendations and