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Our history

Our firm begins as SUCRE & SUCRE in 1969, a year after the coup that marked the beginning of the military dictatorship of General Omar Torrijos in Panamá. When political parties are banned, Carlos Sucre C. abandons his successful public and diplomatic career, and restores his private practice with his son, Carlos Sucre, in an office that had originally been the garage of his house in the Bella Vista neighborhood. Soon, Ernesto Arias joins the firm; first as an intern, once graduated in Law as a lawyer, and then as a partner.

With the incorporation of other partners and the expansion of its operations, the firm changes its name to
SUCRE | ARIAS | REYES, and moves to their own facilities: first at  48th Street, Bella Vista, and eventually at their current headquarters in Obarrio, in Panamá City.

By diversifying the services offered by our group and internationalizing our professional offer, we opened affiliated offices in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bahamas, Belize and Anguilla, as well as a representative office in Miami, Florida, United States of America.

Our Values

Throughout our history, we have remained faithful to the principles of our founders: provide quality legal services efficiently, with the highest ethical and professional standards.

We take pride in the way we work together with our client as a team and generate comprehensive solutions to their legal needs, forging long-term relationships and becoming strategic partners in their operation.

Our Services

We are recognized in Panama and abroad for the provision of corporate legal services, both to local and multinational companies.

In SUCRE | ARIAS | REYES we offer a comprehensive practice to provide our clients with solutions in all areas of law with a multidisciplinary team of expert professionals.

In addition to our legal services, we have expanded organically, maintaining strategic alliances to ensure an integral service.

Company with fiduciary license granted by the Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá (Superintendence of Banks of Panama) that organizes and administers civil law trusts for the holding of guarantees in financial and commercial transactions, asset management trusts, investment trusts and asset tenure and escrow contracts.

Licensed trust company founded in 1987, supervised by the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands, which provides incorporation and administration services for companies, as well as the organization and administration of trusts under the Anglo-Saxon law (common law).

Accounting firm with which we maintain a strategic alliance for the provision of accounting and auditing services.

Company that offers automation services for documents and commercial forms.