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Antitrust Attorneys

Understanding the global competition and antitrust rules is a necessary and prudent part of any successful business strategy in today’s economy. Our lawyers are prepared on antitrust issues in Panama. These laws are complex and regulate a wide range of business behaviors: interact with competitors, obtain and maintain a dominant position in the market, forming arrangements of suppliers and customers, participation in trade associations, driving in strategic partnerships (joint ventures), mergers and corporate acquisitions.

Our clients rely on our experience in regulatory processes with government agencies, our good negotiation management and our advice on compliance issues and comprehensive coverage of merger control regimes through government investigations and review prior to settlement of transactions.

We offer efficient and integral legal solutions, regardless of the complexity of the transaction.

In today’s competitive environment, attempts to reach customers are occurring not only through traditional media, but through many platforms, including external websites, social media and mobile applications.

The practices and policies for consumer-oriented companies, from advertising to the protection of customer information, are under constant scrutiny.

We guide companies to comply with these regulations and correctly safeguard consumer data, and avoid penalties by regulators. We ensure that companies comply with regulations, whether they are providing products or services to consumers, doing business in accordance with specifications, advertising and warranty guidelines.

Regulatory compliance is a mission for SUCRE | ARIAS | REYES and we guarantee that our clients limit their exposure when doing business.

Advertising and marketing

Our lawyers offer comprehensive legal advice to national and international clients who seek to protect important brands.

Our team has provided legal advice on advertising and marketing to clients in claims of false advertising and unfair practices. In the event that a customer is at the center of harmful advertising, we work with their public relations, marketing and communications teams to handle the situation and guide them towards proactive plans to prevent and mitigate potentially harmful exposure.

We strategically advise companies that operate in highly regulated industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies, and financial institutions. We guarantee the continuous compliance of the laws to avoid risks in the promotion of your products and services within the limits of the restrictive legislation and the prior authorization systems required for advertising.

Our attorneys also evaluate product labels, corporate websites and social media accounts to verify compliance, advice on competitions, design and interpretation of consumer surveys, corrective advertising, comparative advertising and confirmation of advertising claims.

 Our consumer protection lawyers in Panama provide you with advice on your business operations making sure your business functions in compliance with Panamanian laws.